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We believe that every person should benefit from the best hearing possible.

Why put up with hearing loss when you don’t have to? Nine out of ten people surveyed by the non-profit Better Hearing Institute indicated their quality of their life improved with hearing aids. Begin your journey towards better hearing right here, using our interactive tools below.

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  • Hearing Loss Simulator
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You are not alone.

Did you know that hearing loss affects one in every ten North Americans? The good news is that today, with the latest advances in hearing aid technology, most forms of hearing loss can be successfully treated.

  • Only one in five people who could benefits from a hearing aid wears one
  • Ten million North Americans have suffered noise-induced hearing loss
  • Hearing decline starts as early as 40 years of age
  • 65% of people with hearing loss are below retirement age

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You deserve the best. Our professionals believe that every person, regardless of age, should benefit from the best hearing possible.